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Peak Play Environments LTD is a leader in the creation of creative play environments in Canada. Canadian-owned and operated and proud to continue to keep children safe in play environments throughout Canada.
Not only do we create natural, creative spaces & environments, we incorporate the needs of our clients & the children’s safety and enjoyment as the priority.

Though we specialize in indoor and outdoor playgrounds, both residential and commercially, our team here at Peak Play Environments can work closely with you to create the perfect playground that adapts to your needs.
When it comes to assessing play environments and designs, we look at safety, functionality, and usability. Whether it’s for a retail space, a daycare, or a recreational facility, we look to understand how to create both a natural, & fun environment. In other words, designing environments where children can safely evolve, be active, take risks, and last but not least, have fun.
“Choose your own adventure.”
Through the perspective of a child’s eyes, we look for adventure, risk & for opportunities to learn about themselves, gain confidence, and have positive social interactions. From that comes the chance to have physical development, which over time, results in an overall healthy & active lifestyle for our youth.
“A Child’s work is play.”
At Peak Play Environments LTD, the word play has a huge influence on the way we do business; the definition of the word, directly translates to ‘the activity for amusement or recreation.” Peak Play Environments, we go beyond just creating a playground environment by taking the perspective of a child and look at ways to create not only a playful environment, but one that challenges them to take risks and to grow.

The Peak Play Experience

Peak Play Environments LTD is the leader in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of playgrounds of all types.

We provide indoor play structures for restaurants and family entertainment centers, outdoor play structures for schools and parks, and back yard playgrounds for residences. We have interactive waterplay equipment for parks and swimming pools as well as toddler activity centres for office waiting rooms and retail locations. We serve Canada from coast to coast and deal only with the best products available.

Canadian-owned and operated

Peak started out in Western Canada and now has a presence all across the country.  We provide simply the best playground and play products available on the market.  As your complete playground source in Canada, we bring you a variety of products and services carefully tailored to meet your needs and fit within your budget. Peak has regional offices and continues to expand to offer direct representation in all areas of Canada.

We are proud to be Canadians working to keep your children safe and happy.

Our History

Peak Play Environments LTD was founded in western Canada over 28 years ago. As your complete playground provider, we carry a variety of products and services carefully tailored to meet your needs and fit within your budget. Peak continues to expand to offer direct representation in all provinces across Canada.

Q&A with the owner , Trevor Zahara

How did this company come to fruition?

“Peak Play Environments LTD started when my hobby took over my day job. I used to be a counselor and therapist for emotionally disturbed children and my hobby was making toys and furniture for children. At one point in 1986, I was asked to make a backyard playground for a family. Working from a concept they found in a catalog in the U.S. that they thought was too expensive to import, I built a customized playground for them. After that, by word of mouth, I started getting more and more requests to make playgrounds. Pretty soon all my spare time was used up with that so I quit my day job.”

When did you start building and designing playgrounds?

“I started making playgrounds full time all summer in 1988 and by 1993 I started doing commercial installations for manufacturing companies that built large schoolyard environments. In 1995 I was asked to make an indoor playground for a family entertainment centre in Saskatoon; designed, created and acquired all the components and materials required. After that, we were approached by a company to look after their sales, acquisitions and installations and service to McDonalds across western Canada. In late 1995 we started building playgrounds for McDonalds and Burger King all throughout Western Canada. Around the same time we started carrying different lines of commercial playgrounds and instead of just doing commercial installations we began to provide a concept-to-play service including sales, design, installation and maintenance of outdoor commercial playgrounds.”

Have you had the opportunity to travel abroad and build & design playgrounds?

“Building playgrounds has taken me around the world. I’ve built playgrounds in Egypt, Hong Kong and the Caribbean. One year we went from Inuvik above the Arctic circle to Tampa Bay at the southern tip of North America and from Quebec City to Vancouver Island, all four corners of the continent.

“We love kids and our business and look forward to serving you to create your custom playground.”

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